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Wind Energy

Hybrid (Solar + Wind)

Small Hydro

Bio Mass

Waste Management

What We Do?

We help developers in identifying market opprotunities, carrying our feasibility analysis, project finalization and approval, detailed planning, project monitoring and control leading to creation of renewable and environmentally sustainable assets within time, budget and with quality

Our services, among others, include feasibility analysis, financial modeling, basic engineering, technology selection, preparation of baseline project schedule, budget, tendering and contracts, manpower planning, risk management, quality control, training and development

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Renewable Energy

With ever increasing focus on renewable energy worldwide, there are lot of opportunities to build assets across renewable sectors (Solar, Wind, Small Hydro, Hybrid (Solar+Wind), Biomass) .

We help developers in this journey of renewable asset creation right from conceptualization stage till the asset starts producing power

Waste Management

For sustainable ecology, it is important to not only minimize the waste but manage it effectively. Proper waste management can lead to recovery of useful material, conversion of waste into energy and minimization of land requirement for dumping the waste

We help the stakeholder organizations (Governments, NGOs, Communities) in this entire journey of waste management starting from waste segregation, collection to treatment and final dispoal



Project Management


Risk Management